Divorce Mediation Costs

How Much Does Mediation Cost?

Mediation (See: What Is Mediation?) is much less costly than a fully litigated divorce with competing experts. Generally, Mediation requires four to eight meetings with the Mediator; additional meetings may be needed and expenses incurred when children are involved or assets must be valued.

  • Mediation costs much less than litigated divorce procedures
  • Costs can be estimated for 'typical' mediations

How does Reiley Mediation charge for services?

You will both discuss with Kathy (See: Who's My Mediator?) during your free initial conference call the billing arrangements you will make with her. For your convenience, Reiley Mediation offers two billing options for your convenience: 1) flat-fee or 2) pay-as-you-go. One of the key benefits to Mediation over traditional divorce litigation processes is the cost: Mediation lessens, if not removes, the anxiety that is often associated with the spiraling costs of divorce. You can literally save thousands on your divorce when mediating with Reiley Mediation Services!

Reiley Mediation's personal and professional approach gives every client tailored solutions to meet their unique needs and circumstances.

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Which Spouse pays for the mediation costs?

Mediation is a mutual process and payment should be a mutual obligation and investment.

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Is Mediation Right For Us?

Have the two of you decided divorce is the right next step? Would you like to avoid spending a fortune to divorce? Do each of you want equality in the decisions for your divorce? Do the two of you want to divide your property, rather than let the Courts do so? Is confidentiality important to you? Do you want to rest reassured that your divorce documents were executed legally and in accordance with all of Wisconsin law?

Is Mediation Right For Us?

Kathleen Reiley, S.C., Wisconsin Mediator Lawyer

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