Why a Mediator?

Wisconsin law requires that all issues between the spouses be resolved before the Court dissolves the marriage. With Mediation, you resolve the issues; the Court does not do it for you. A Mediator's guidance will help you to collect, assess, share and discuss the information necessary to fashion solutions to the issues that need to be resolved in order to form the final agreement. That agreement must be made within the parameters of Wisconsin Divorce Laws. As your Lawyer Mediator, Kathleen Reiley will provide you with the insight you need to form that agreement.

Attorney Kathleen Reiley assists her clients in mediating their disputes. She also acts as a neutral mediator for non-client parties in the financial aspects of divorce and family law.

In addition to her many years of mediation experience, Attorney Reiley completed the 25-hour Divorce Mediation Training on November 1, 2006 through the University of Wisconsin-Madison Division of Continuing Studies, Professional Development and Applied Studies.

Will our Mediator attend our court hearings?

A Mediator is a neutral third party who cannot attend any Court hearing with you or advise you or take your side.

Do we also have an attorney? Do we each have our own attorney, too?

Mediation does not require that spouses have their own separate attorneys, but they may opt to consult with one who can help them formulate their ideas going into mediation and assist them separately with gathering and understanding financial and other information.

Who else will be at the mediation meetings?

A mediating couple may hire a neutral party to perform a specific task that does not involve the couple, such as an appraiser to appraise their home.

The mediating couple may also need or find invaluable other third party neutrals such as a financial specialist or a child specialist. It may be particularly important to have a third party neutral in addition to the lawyer mediator to level the mediation field, especially where one party has less experience, knowledge or confidence than the other party regarding particular issues.

A financial specialist can appraise a business or a pension account, she can provide guidance on division of income in conjunction with assessment of both parties' budgets for themselves and their children and he can provide observations on tax matters and planning.

A child specialist is trained in child development and in working with families. The child specialist will be able to listen to your child's concerns if you wish, even a child who is in college or older. There is dedicated time for you to focus specifically on the critical and lasting decisions you make concerning your children and how they adapt to their evolving relationship with you as parents and with themselves and their world as they grow up.

Where you are both comfortable and clear with decision making in all facets of the dissolution of your marriage, you may not require another third party neutral. Be prepared, though, for one of you to articulate a need or desire for a financial neutral or a child specialist. Mediation is a process of good faith and of acknowledging the other's needs to be able to reach a mutual and knowledgeable agreement.

Attorney Kathleen Reiley (Kathy) encourages participants to consult with an attorney prior to signing the final agreement. If you and your spouse would like to meet with Attorney Kathleen Reiley and take that first step towards resolving your issues, please call her at 414-369-6309 or request a mediation meeting.

Is Mediation Right For Us?

Have the two of you decided divorce is the right next step? Would you like to avoid spending a fortune to divorce? Do each of you want equality in the decisions for your divorce? Do the two of you want to divide your property, rather than let the Courts do so? Is confidentiality important to you? Do you want to rest reassured that your divorce documents were executed legally and in accordance with all of Wisconsin law?

Is Mediation Right For Us?

Kathleen Reiley, S.C., Wisconsin Mediator Lawyer

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