What is mediation?

What is mediation?

Mediation is a process that allows the disputing parties, together with the guidance of a third party (the Mediator), to identify and isolate the issues, consider options and alternatives, and reach mutual agreements. Family Law and Divorce Mediation are alternatives to costly courtroom litigation, which allow the divorcing spouses to avoid a great deal of emotional and financial burden intrinsically imposed on them by the very nature and length of litigation. Regardless of the issues, litigation within the family strains it, and it can stain the relationships far beyond the lives of the spouses themselves.

What can be settled by way of Mediation?

Mediation processes may be pursued to settle a host of disputes, including but not limited to those listed below.

  • Divorce: an entire divorce may be settled by mediation, with the agreement memorialized and prepared as a legal document, called a stipulation, which is then submitted to the Court
  • Child custody and visitation: temporary and permanent child custody agreements and child visitation agreements may be resolved in mediation, the agreements prepared into legal documents, called stipulations, and submitted to the Court
  • Support: while Wisconsin provides support guidelines, parents, divorcing and divorced spouses, and other family members such as those caring for children, can agree to support amounts through mediation and enter into stipulated agreements prepared by a highly experienced lawyer at Reiley Mediation Services and submitted to the Court
  • Premarital and postmarital agreements
  • Property division: both personal and real property may be divided and the agreement prepared as a legal document

Is mediation a voluntary process?

Mediation is completely voluntary and the whole process is one of mutual consent. Throughout the entire mediation process, the disputing parties share responsibility for their decisions and retain control of their destinies.

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What are the benefits to Mediation?

Mediation offers the couple a chance to define what is most workable for their particular situation and to tailor an agreement that reflects their own circumstances. It can enable future joint decision-making. Visitation, property division, alimony, and unique circumstances such as relations with grandparents or step-families can be included. Child Custody and visitation issues are evaluated in terms of the child’s best interests, as well as the parents’ shared concerns. The privacy of mediation can make it easier for people to discuss emotional matters. See more at Why Mediation?

Benefits of Mediation

  • Divorce with dignity
  • Less costly than litigation
  • Time management
  • Spouses divide property
  • Equality in decisions
  • Confidential
  • Own your destinies
  • With Attorney Kathleen Reiley as your Lawyer Mediator, you can rest reassured that your family law documents were drafted under all of Wisconsin's applicable laws

If you and your spouse want to arrange your first mediation meeting, please contact Attorney Kathleen Reiley at 414-369-6309.

Is Mediation Right For Us?

Have the two of you decided divorce is the right next step? Would you like to avoid spending a fortune to divorce? Do each of you want equality in the decisions for your divorce? Do the two of you want to divide your property, rather than let the Courts do so? Is confidentiality important to you? Do you want to rest reassured that your divorce documents were executed legally and in accordance with all of Wisconsin law?

Is Mediation Right For Us?

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