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Attorney Kathleen Reiley assists her clients in mediating their disputes. She also acts as a neutral mediator for non-client parties in the financial aspects of divorce and family law.

In addition to her many years of mediation experience, Attorney Reiley completed the 25-hour Divorce Mediation Training on November 1, 2006 through the University of Wisconsin-Madison Division of Continuing Studies, Professional Development and Applied Studies.

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Is Mediation Right For Us?

Have the two of you decided divorce is the right next step? Would you like to avoid spending a fortune to divorce? Do each of you want equality in the decisions for your divorce? Do the two of you want to divide your property, rather than let the Courts do so? Is confidentiality important to you? Do you want to rest reassured that your divorce documents were executed legally and in accordance with all of Wisconsin law?

Is Mediation Right For Us?

Kathleen Reiley, S.C., Wisconsin Mediator Lawyer

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