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Wisconsin Mediation Attorney Terms of Use

A privacy policy on a website is intended to inform you of the types of information gathered about you when you visit that site and what may be done with that information after it is collected.

This website uses analytics to monitor traffic for the sole purpose of improving this website for your use. That information includes a visitor's location, domain, Internet Service Provider,Audemars Piguet Replica and the content pages viewed during a visitor. It also tracks return visits by the same visitor and new visits. No other information is collected. Your personal information is not collected unless you opt to send information through the contact form.

Information Sent Over The Internet

Any information sent over the Internet to the firm, including any information sent via the contact form, is not confidential nor is it sent via a confidential means; it should not be expected to be kept confidential; and it may be viewed by one or more other people along its route.

Attorney Kathleen Reiley is not taking new clients or cases. She will however continue to represent current clients with exisitng cases.


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